Top 10 Guard Dogs in the World

A total of fourteen expert dog trainers including police dog trainers were consulted to compile this list of the top ten best guard dog breeds. During their evaluation they considered not only a dog's.

Top 10 Guard Dogs in the World

A total of fourteen expert dog trainers including police dog trainers were consulted to compile this list of the top ten best guard dog breeds. During their evaluation they considered not only a dog's temperament and physical strength, but its courage, loyalty, and resistance to pain. There are some dogs who possess all of these qualities but didn't make the list because of their small size. 

In the last decade the Pit Bull was seen as the badest, meanest breed of dog. Wrong! There are dogs that will wipe the floor with any breed of Pit Bull you can get. But that is not the point here. A 30 kgs Pit Bull can be easily put down by a man who doesnt fear dogs but how about a 100 kg Caucasian Shepherd? So, if you want your home defended, here is a list of the Top 10 real Bad guard dogs experienced owners only.


The Mastyve or Bandogge is vaste, huge, stubborne, ougly and eager, of a hevy, and burthenous body, and therefore but of little swiftnesse, terrible and frightful to beholde, and more fearce and fell than any other Arcadian Curre. The Bandog is designed to be a close quarter combat dog. It excels in realistic protection and can be a wonderful companion/family dog for experienced dog owners. They are quite trainable and easy to maintain. It is naturally good natured, fond of children in general, extremely devoted to its owner and eager to work. Appearance is muscular, behavior is self assured, steady and fearless. It is basically a calm dog that transforms when a bad situation arises.


The Neapolitan Mastiff is born a fearless and protective dog. Although these dogs are always wary of strangers, they generally become calm when they see their masters welcoming the stranger into the house. However, since most Neapolitan Mastiffs can be over-protective, it is important to expose them to socialization at an early age. Both male and female Neapolitan Mastiff dogs are gentle and loving with children. They will never hurt a child, unless the Neapolitan Mastiffs accidentally knock a child down when playing. The Neapolitan Mastiff is a natural guard dog so no extra protection training is necessary. He can instinctively defend his master and loved ones when needed, even without the instructions of his master.


I am a dog owner and breeder, and I tell you, if you have a place (house, yard, facility) to protect, This is the dog you need. Excessive softness or vicious temperaments are considered serious faults for the breed some say, but if you really want the bigest, meanest dog around, he is the one. This breed is very rustic and adapts quickly to every climate. The Caucasian Shepherd is well adjusted and active. However, he is highly suspicious of strangers, and he may become aggressive. These dogs are popular in Russia and other countries with a need to protect livestock and property. This is truly an amazing animal, he looks more like a small bear than a dog! I bet this dog would make a Pitbull lose control of its bowels in a fight. I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near this mean dog!


The Cane Corso is a medium-large guard dog native to Southern Italy. Its stable temperament and powerful body make him particularly valued as a guard dog and protection dog. Traditionally, rural Southern Italy has always used this rustic type of dog for the hunting of big game and for guard and protection work. These dogs were known under various regional names: Vucciuriscu (or Bucciuriscu) in Sicily, Cane della masseria in Puglia, Cane da Macellaio (Butchers Dog). The official FCI standard calls for dogs to stand from 60-68 centimeters at the withers.


As a guardian, the Tosa-Ken is without equal. A natural-born fighter, it guards its territory (and its owners) with remarkable enthusiasm. It is important to stress that protection is inherent in the Tosa-Ken, it is not a trait developed through training. Though a quiet guardian, at 150 pounds the Tosa-Ken is an effective deterrent against any unwanted guest. The Tosa-Ken is also extremely intelligent, clean and has a very stable temperament.When compared to other large dogs, the Tosa-Ken is clearly a superior breed. They will maintain their excellent fitness with a minimal amount of space and exercise. The Tosa-Ken will remain agile into their advanced years. They also live comparatively longer lives than dogs of there size and of other breeds.


In the hands of a responsible owner, a well-trained and socialized Rottweiler can be a reliable, alert dog and a loving companion. However, any poorly trained dog can become a danger in the wrong circumstances. The Rottweiler is a steady dog with a self-assured nature, but early socialization and exposure to as many new people, animals, and situations as possible are very important in developing these qualities. The Rottweiler also has a natural tendency to assert dominance if not properly trained. Rottweilers large size and strength make this an important point to consider: an untrained, poorly trained, or abused Rottweiler can learn to be extremely aggressive and destructive.


The Dogo Argentino or argentinian mastiff, is a large, muscular and athletic white-coated dog with an unusual history. They are excessively tolerant of children due to their high pain tolerance, derived from selective breeding to be big game hunters. They are protective of what they perceive as their territory and will guard it without fear against any intruder. The minimum height for the male is 62 cm. The fighting dog of Cordoba was described as 'white, large and ferocious', so ferocious that they were said to attack their bitches while mating with them. This dog, but with more bulk and superior physical strength, and capable of hunting big game (pumas, peccaries, cougars, wild boars, etc.) was set as the target of the breeding program started by Antonio Nores Martinez and which, by the dedication of its creator and its duration, remains unequalled in canine history.


The Giant Schnauzer was developed in Southern Germany in the 19th century as a butcher's drover and guard dog and first exhibited in  Munich in 1909 under the name Russian bear Schnauzer. The Giant Schnauzer is a true drover. It is a bold and dependable guard dog, combining the qualities of an alert and adaptable working dog and a good-natured, handsome family dog with a reliable temperament. An excellent dog for families desiring both a protector and companion. The Giant Schnauzer also counts interesting new dog breeds among their descendants, such as the Black Russian Terrier, produced by crossing Giants Schnauzers with several other working dog breeds and dogs of Russian origin.


A dog breed created by tax collector Louis Dobermann, who wanted to create his ideal personal protection dog. Various theories exist as to what breeds Louis Dobermann used to create his superbreed. In addition to being a tax collector he was also in charge of the local animal shelter, where he had access to a wide variety of breeds. Doberman Pinschers are, in general, a gentle, loyal, loving, and highly intelligent breed. Although there is variation in temperament, a typical pet Doberman attacks only if it believes that it, its property, or its family are in danger. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the Doberman Pinscher is less frequently involved in attacks on humans resulting in fatalities than several other dog breeds such as pit bulls, because they can be trained to restrain an unwelcome intruder but not kill him.


The first modern-type German shepherd was called Horand von Grafrath and was born in 1899. The dog was bought by Max von Stephanitz, the man credited with creating the breed, as the foundation dog of his breeding program.The first German shepherd was imported to the US in 1906. This breed has a personality marked by direct, fearless willingness to protect human children. The dog must be approachable, quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them. It is poised, but when the occasion demands, eager and alert; both fit and willing to serve in its capacity as a companion and watchdog.